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Finding The Right Notes Foundation

The goal of the Finding The Right Notes Foundation is to enlighten our youth to the value of education and the fundamental process of developing skills as an artists. Through workshops, group lectures, motivational speaking engagements with well respected artists in the field of music, art, literature and education, the FTRNF is created to give them options and hope.

FTRNF will show students how to hone and cultivate their skills through the following:

  • How to market their gift
  • How to partner off with the right mentors
  • The importance of interning
  • Discussing the long road to success
  • Defining success
  • Creating a legacy and building a foundation
  • Developing professional skills to run a viable business
  • Learning How to recognize their gift
  • The responsibilities that come with having this gift
  • The power their gift posses
  • Developing commitment and dedication
  • The discipline needed to stay focus
  • How to treat skill as a business
  • How to earn a living with the gift/skill
  • When to say no